Wild West Hero

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Wild West Hero

(Is this the way to Amarillo?)

Ages 5-11 £22.45 Any Time of Year.

A funny and enjoyable play based on the ‘Good Samaritan’ but in a wild west setting. The characters are all cowboys and Indians. Approx 25-30 mins, the play is easily extended by adding your own songs. Plenty of song suggestions are provided, and are easily sourced on the internet. Of course, the play works very well indeed with no songs at all. Meet the Hole in the Wall Gang – Billy the Grown Up (a kid no more) and accomplices – Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrels. They terrorize travellers on the road to Amarillo. Many familiar characters are here -Speedy Gonzales, the Loan Arranger and Tonto, the Midnight Cowboy and the Milky Bar Kid.

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