There’s No-one Quite Like Me! (Ugly Duckling)


01 Come and Look (Vocal Track)
02 Don't Believe It (Vocal Track)
03 Sad (Vocal Track)
04 Gunshots (Sound Effect)
05 Keep Smiling (Vocal Track)
06 Gunshots (Sound Effect)
07 Traveller Song (Vocal Track)
08 Swans Music
09 How Does It Feel (Vocal Track)
10 Bedbug Blues (Vocal Track)
11 I am Wonderful (Vocal Track)
12 No One Quite Like Me (Vocal Track)
13 You're So Handsome (Vocal Track)
14 Come and Look (Vocal Track)
15 Don't Believe It (Backing Track)
16 Sad (Backing Track)
17 Gunshots (Sound Effects)
18 Keep Smiling (Backing Track)
19 Gunshots (Sound Effect)
20 Travellers Song (Backing Track)
21 Swans Music
22 How Does it Feel (Backing Track)
23 Bedbug Blues
24 I am wonderful (Backing Track)
25 No One Quite like Me (Backing Track)
26 You're so Handsome (Backing Track)
ugly duckling,self esteem,SEAL,self awareness
The Ugly Duckling- A musical for ages 7-12 to raise awareness of bullying

(THE UGLY DUCKLING) 55 mins  ages 7-12

An innovative drama project for primary and middle schools, brimming with positivity and emotion. Fantastic fun  to act, sing and dance,  it explores bullying and self esteem. Fabulous SEAL resource (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) Recommended for a Whole School drama show.

This downloadable resource consists of an editable script, 13 songs (with and without vocals), score, worksheets and Powerpoint presentation. The price includes school performance licences for 3 shows to any audience.

MORE DETAILS and script samples

The Ugly Duckling- POWERPOINT




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