The Towering Turnip- DOWNLOAD



01 Birds Music
02 The Happy Scarecrow
03 Rain With Narration
04 Sun with Narration
05 Working Together
06 Birds Music
07 The Happy Scarecrow music
08 Rain Effects - no narration
09 Sun Effects - No narration
10 Let's all work Together - no music

The Towering Turnip DOWNLOAD

enormous turnip, friendship, sharing a task, plays for ks1, class assembly
The giant turnip is stuck in the ground. Who will help to move it?

The Towering Turnip is a downloadable  short Musical Based on the “Enormous Turnip” story. Perfect  for ages 4-9. Theme: Everyone is important. You will receive an editable script supported by two original children’s songs and 3 pieces of music for movement/dance, with sound effects. 

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The Towering Turnip