The Magic Mirror of Health- Musical for ages 6-13 25 min



02 His Majesty the King
03 Bend! Stretch!
04 The Magic Mirror
05 We Can Go Home
06 You Can Be Healthy (backing track)
07 You Can Be Healthy (backing track)
08 His Majesty the King (backing track)
09 Spirit in the Mirror (sound effect)
10 Mountain Music
11 Bend! Stretch! (backing track)
12 Magic Mirror (backing track)
13 We Can Go Home (backing track)

Download this fantastic play! The King and his Court get fit through diet and exercise! Recommended!!!

Synopsis: The King and his Court are unhealthy and out of condition. A wise woman tells of a magic mirror hidden in the mountains, which will restore their vitality, and they go on a quest to find it. The King has a rival who finds the mirror first, but ultimately the King achieves fitness through a healthy
lifestyle. Great fun to act, sing and dance. A fabulous addition to your PSHE/Health Ed resources

PROPS NEEDED- Throne, mirror, stethoscopes and tape measures for, pictures of healthy/unhealthy foods (or plastic toy foods), rifle for hunter, crystal ball

1) You Can Be Healthy (with vocals)
2) His Majesty the King! (with vocals)
3) Bend! Stretch! (with vocals)
4) Magic Mirror (with vocals)
5) We Can Go Home (with vocals)
6) You Can Be Healthy (backing track)
7) Wise woman (sound effect)
8) His Majesty the King (backing track)
9) Spirit Appears (sound effect)
10) Mountains Music (instrumental)
11) Bend! Stretch! (backing track)
12) Magic Mirror (backing track)
13) We Can Go Home (backing track)
14) Wedding Music (instrumental)

A must for “healthy schools” initiatives!!

The Magic Mirror of Health – More Details and script sample




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