The Magic Christmas Toyshop



O Come All Ye Faithful
Christmas Time
Little Donkey
We will Rock You
Five Christmas Trees
Christmas Bells
Dear Old Santa
Jig Time
Robot Chase
Lights on the Tree
Come and See
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
O Come All Ye Faithful (backing track)
Christmas Time (backing track)
Little Donkey (backing track)
We will Rock You (backing track)
Five Little Christmas Trees (backing track)
Christmas Bells (backing track)
Dear Old Santa (backing track)
Ballet Dancer (backing track)
Jig Time (backing track)
Robot Chase (backing track)
Lights Music (backing track)
Come and See (backing track)
We wish You a Merry Christmas (backing track)

The Magic Christmas Toyshop is a popular musical adventure for ages 5 to 9, Supplied as a download. Duration approx 40 min. Great fun as the toys come alive to thwart a burglary in their Christmas Toyshop. The cast is flexible cast, featuring at least 20 parts. NICE SONGS, FEATURING WELL KNOWN CHRISTMAS SONGS and NEW SONGS SET TO FAMILIAR TUNES.

26 tracks- 10 songs plus 3 dance/movement routines

Your download of “The Magic Christmas Toyshop” includes AUDIO (VOCAL TRACKS and BACKING TRACKS) , EDITABLE SCRIPT, PIANO SCORE, SONGSHEETS, OHP SHEETS and FREE SCHOOL LICENCE. Lengthen the show with your own favourite seasonal songs.

See a script sample and cast list
Click here to see the songsheets 

These days, most schools use the download to access the script, score and songs, but a CD of the songs is still available from our old website ( or email us :