Tanya the Tooth Fairy



01 Do You Hate School (backing track)
02 Brian O'Mally (backing track)
03 Fairy Music
04 Tanya Music
05 Sad Music
06 Witch Music
07 Stan Stan (backing track)
08 Dance of the Toys (backing track)
09 What's the Matter (backing track)
10 Slimbo's Song (backing track)
11 Sam and Doris (backing track)
12 Tanya Curtain Calls Music
13 Do You Hate School (vocal track)
14 Brian O'Mally (vocal track)
15 Fairy Music
16 Tanya the Tooth Fairy (vocal track)
17 Sad Music
18 Witch Music
19 Stan Stan (vocal track)
20 Dance of the Toys (vocal track)
21 What's the Matter (vocal track)
22 Slimbo's Song (vocal track)
23 Sam and Doris (vocal track)
24 Tanya Curtain Calls Music


Tanya the Tooth Fairy

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A magical adventure for primary schools
This is one of our most popular easy school plays. This is a comedy play for primary schools and drama clubs and is suitable for all year round. We recommend it because there are such great parts for boys as well as girls. This inclusive  play script is supported by 24 audio tracks containing 11 enjoyable catchy songs. The songs come with vocals (for rehearsing) and backing tracks (for performance), therefore no musical ability is needed. It is low cost - the play comes with a free performance licence for all schools.

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