Sleeping Beauty



Welcome Song
Lucky Man
You Can Count on Me
Something is Amiss
Evil Spell
Acrobats Music
Lullaby Music

Lovely whole-school musical comedy play for a whole primary school show. Supplied with audio tracks, Script, and free score. Price includes performance licence for schools/ clubs. No musical ability needed. You can use the “backing tracks” to perform the songs karaoke style.

Flexible Casting. Approximately 15 main character parts, plus “animals” and extra non-speaking parts if desired.
Ages 5-11 (50-60 mins) 15 main characters needed, preferably more, although you can for double up roles to reduce the cast numbers. The musical comedy script is supported by  28 audio tracks: 9 modern catchy songs, and 4 instrumental routines. Each song has vocals (for rehearsing) and backing tracks (for performance).

Princess Siesta, Boy servant (Robert) Queen, King,
Countryman,Countryman’s Daughter, Countryman’s Wife,Countryman’s Son,
4 good fairies,1 evil fairy, Henry (Wicked fairy’s bodyguard, Magic Frog,Cook,
Prince Kip of Insomnia,Vicar, Narrator,Usher,Singers,
Non-speaking parts: 2 spiders
Optional extras: servants, ghost(s), mouse, beetle, woodlouse,
ladybird, moth, bedbug, stray cat, acrobats, extra “bad fairies”, party guests
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