Rapunzel and the Witches



01 Why Are You Here
02 Under Lock and Key
03 Get Out of Our Garden
04 Am I Sleeping?
05 We Wish You Well
06 Why Are You Here (MUSIC)music)
07 Under Lock and Key (MUSIC)
08 Happy Hoedown (MUSIC)
09 Get Out of Our Garden (MUSIC)
10 Sad MUSIC
11 Am I Sleeping (MUSIC)
12 We Wish You Well (MUSIC)

Rapunzel is a traditional fairytale, featuring the triumph of good over evil. Meet the witches who won’t share their chocolate!  Rapunzel is fantastic fun to act !!!!  No awkward hair-climbing involved. The play lasts about 35 mins.

More Details: Rapunzel-details and script sample


This is a simple, lively 35 minute children’s musical based loosely on the traditional story of Rapunzel. A witch (and her sisters) trick a couple into parting with their baby. The sad couple leave the land, under threat of death. The baby Rapunzel grows into a lovely girl with long hair. Jealous of Rapunzel’s beauty, the witches lock her out of sight in a tower. Rapunzel escapes once to play with the animals in the garden, but they catch her. As a punishment, they cut off her hair and put a spell on the tower so that there are no doors and no stairs. The cut hair is woven into a rope. Each day, the witch climbs up the rope to bully the miserable lonely girl. One day, a prince is passing, and hears Rapunzel singing. Infatuated, he climbs the rope but falls into a bed of thorns and becomes blind and loses his memory. Some time later, as a beggar, he chances to meet Rapunzel once again. Her tears fall into his eyes and his blindness is cured. The King and Rapunzel’s real family come in search of their offspring. All are reunited and the witch goes to jail.

35 mins. Rapunzel is fantastic fun to act !!!! Highly recommended for primary schools!  



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