Moses and the Great Escape



Download this wonderful play which is suitable to act and sing at any time of year. It is a fantastic exciting musical for primary schools. Easy script, 11 new upbeat songs with sound effects. Highly recommended. Duration 45-50 min. Large Cast needed. The download consists of vocal tracks, backing tracks, editable script, score and FREE school performance licence.

Preview the Script and Cast

Moses and the Great Escape- Powerpoint 


The incredible story of Moses and the Passover

An exciting original musical. It starts with Moses as a baby and tells how he fled from Egypt, and returned to tell the king to set the Jews free. Pharaoh's refusal to do so results in 10 awful plagues. The story ends with the parting of the Red Sea and the final surrender of Pharaoh. Eleven lovely songs support this wonderful play. A sure hit for your school. Plenty of action, and dance for a flexible large cast aged 7-13. Provided with vocal tracks, backing tracks, editable script, score and free performance licence. NO MUSICAL ABILITY NEEDED   Moses and the Great Escape

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