An Easter Escapade



This Easter play is a very enjoyable piece of drama for primary school and middle schools, ages 10-14.
The Easter traditions are represented via a range of different characters and perspectives, including Henry the Eighth! There is plenty of humour in this very engaging script.


An Easter Escapade

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A great Easter play for schools

Download this remarkable and unique Easter play for primary and middle schools. The Easter story and its traditions are presented through lively whimsical humour while preserving sensitivity and reverence. This is a well crafted and very touching Easter play, suitable as a memorable production for primary and middle schools. Duration 25-30 min approx, easily extendable by incorporating your own Easter songs or readings. Price includes our standard school performance licence for 3 shows.

N.B. This play is supplied as a script only. It does NOT come with any music.


                                                                                                An Easter Escapade


Main parts:     Jude Jones and Sammi Tones

Large parts:    Miss Filler, Mr. Big,  Mrs. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Meaner,  Miss Take, Judas, Roman soldiers (2), Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Goddess Eostre

Other parts:    Cedric, Jonny, Rebekah, Craig, Julie, Mikey, Sinead, Timmy, Beth, Sarah, Narrators (10), Voice over, Radio and TV announcer, Advert reader, Helen Back, Justin Case, Easter bunny, Regional News Presenters: Rob,  Bob, Pam and Sam and National News Presenters: Sandy and Andy.

Props Needed:

Backing card/paper, battleships grid drawn onto card, whiteboards, marker-pens, handheld bell, newspaper, duster, polish spray, chairs for the stage, family portraits of Jones’ family (could be photographs of cast members), biscuits, microphones ( clip-ons )  for 2 main characters,  additional microphones for voice-overs , announcers, and news  reporters (could use stands), radio, Easter eggs, clipboards (2), Easter basket, roman swords (2), TV (cardboard box ) TV remote control, crowns (2), simnel cake, hot cross buns, book for Miss Filler and revision guide books.  Sounds of bolts and locks opening.

Suggested Scenery:

Scene 1: In the classroom: children’s work displayed, school posters, classroom posters etc..

Scene 2: Jude’s house: family portraits (photographs of the actors dressed in role)  to be placed over school posters, three chairs placed on stage (two close together and one apart).

Scene 3: Triple H headquarters: could have a door with locks on painted on, chairs/thrones (7) for the characters

Scene 4:  Jude’s’ house: as scene 2 but with a table and microphones (on stands) for news reporters

Scene 5: Jude’s house: as scene 2 but without the chairs

Scene 6: School hall: normal school hall, could have chairs (9) for the chat show

                                                            SCRIPT SAMPLE

Children to enter from either side of the hall. Actors onto stage. All sit, chatting to each other, causing disturbances.

 Cedric: Listen in everyone…..(louder) listen in! (frustrated) Please, can I have your attention! Miss has obviously been delayed. We must get down to work so that when she arrives she will be most impressed and give us a class crown. (The rest of the children stop to look at Cedric, look at each other, then return to their poor behaviour)

 Cedric: Oh really, come on chaps. This will not do, will not do at all! Can’t you just pretend to be working?  (rest of the class continue to ignore Cedric) We will be in so much trouble when Miss arrives and I don’t like getting into trouble (class still ignoring him).  Why don’t we play a game of Hangman. I’ll go first (he writes up blanks on piece of card and pauses) No….. Obviously not your game then? I know just the job. Battleships! Let’s play a game of Battleships!

Look out child:  (Looking out for teacher with his hands imitating a pair of binoculars and then shouting) Battle axe! Battle-axe! (All the children now get back to doing some work, using whiteboards, working on spellings and tables. Miss Filler walks into the class behind Cedric’s back holding her book of put downs – Cedric continues to prepare Battleships).  

 Cedric: No – BATTLESHIPS. I’ll be the commander and I will place all my ships on the grid. No peeking now! Who wants to be the first to sink one of my.. (He notices that all the kids are looking at him, smirking. He turns, slowly)

Miss Filler: Well done 5F: you’re a real credit to the school. Working quietly whilst I took an important phone call. I’m so proud of you all. All except you that is – Cedric Collins. What do you think you’re doing? Trying to distract the children with a game of Battleships when all they want to do is practise their spellings and tables!

Jonny: A4 Done 4 – Cedric sunk! (The children start to point and laugh at Cedric).

Miss Filler:  Jonny!  I do the jokes around here – but nice play on words. All that work on puns is really paying off!

Cedric:  But Miss….I was simply trying to……

Miss Filler: (interrupting) I could see quite clearly what you were trying to do but luckily my class were having none of it. I don’t have time to listen to your loathsome – lamentable – lies.

Rebekah: Nice bit of alliteration there miss!

Miss Filler: Why thank you Rebekah – it was, wasn’t it. I’m going to write that in my new book: One hundred and one best put-downs for teachers.

Craig: The book of put downs that you just can’t put down!

Miss Filler: Yes…(louder) YES! I like that! Well done Craig!

 Cedric: I was simply trying to…..

Miss Filler: (interrupting). There is no more time for you to…. (flicks through her book) …..utter from the gutter (holding her hand to Cedric’s mouth). You’d better go and talk to the Head coz the hand ain’t listening!

Julie: Nice one Miss That’s my all-time favourite.

Miss Filler: Absolutely. The perfect put-down for a perfectly poisonous pupil!

(Cedric exits with all the children laughing at him. He shakes his head and hands in frustration).

Miss Filler: Now that we have cleansed the class, we can get down to business. It is time for me to introduce something completely new. In our staff meeting last night, we came up with a brilliant idea!

Craig: Are you going to dig a huge hole on the field, cover it with twigs, and invite the school inspectors to walk over it!

Miss Filler: No.  We can’t do that again.

Mikey: Are the teachers going to breakdance again at the end of term party?

Miss Filler: No. No. Not after last time. Mrs. Jenkins was out of action and in traction for 6 months.

Sinead:  Are the woman teachers going to tie their legs to a man’s legs and spend the day teaching three-legged and two-headed?

Miss Filler: No! Sinead, but can I borrow your pen a minute just to note down the idea.

All pupilson the stage: Miss! What is it then?

Miss Filler: We decided that we would like the pupils this year to perform an Easter Extravaganza.

Timmy: Shouldn’t that be Eggstravaganza?

Miss Filler: I refer to my previous comment about who does the jokes around here!

Timmy: Sorry Miss I have shamed myself and my class (head bowed)

Miss Filler: Yes – you have.

Mikey: What do we have to do Miss?

Miss Filler: I was coming to that (she walks over towards the board, puts down her book and begins to write on it). We need you and your partner (all children except Sammi and Jude begin to grab a friend) to research all about Easter and then present it to the whole school at the Easter Extravaganza Assembly on the last day of term (as she turns around the children let go off their partners). You need to find out all about the customs of Easter and put on a show for the parents.   

Beth: The parents are coming to our show. Oh no – I hate talking in front of parents. They’re so big and ugly and they really scare me (pointing to members of the front row) especially the ones in the front row!

 Miss Filler: You’re right of course. Just pretend that they’re not there, that’s what I do!  Now, quickly find a partner and come sit by me.  (The children instantly grab a partner, stand-up and go to sit by the teacher, all except Jude and Sammi who remain seated and look at each other in disgust).  

 Miss Filler: Wow – that was quick! Oh dear, look at you two (pointing to Jude and Sammi) . No one wants you. Well, at least you have each other. Like two loaves of broken bread left on a supermarket shelf. I’ll have to put a yellow sticker on you! Get yourself out of the Bargain Bin and come over here!

 Sammi/Jude: I can’t work with him/her!

Miss Filler: Well, you’re just going to have to! You’ll make a very successful couple like Bonny and Clyde, Sonny and Cher, Charles and Diana!

Sarah: What exactly is it that we have to do Miss Filler?

Miss Filler: For the next three weeks, your homework is to research and prepare a presentation all about Easter. We want your presentation to be creative and innovative: we’re looking for that something a little bit different. (Enter the school’s Head Teacher – Mr. Big)

 Mr. Big: Good afternoon children….

All pupils: Good afternoon Mr. Big.

Miss Filler: (slightly flustered, flicking her hair) Is everything OK Mr. Big?

Mr. Big: Of course Mrs. Filler.

Miss Filler: It’s Miss Filler. I’m not married – at least not yet!

Mr. Big: Of course. There is no need to look so apprehensive.

Miss Filler: Oh, I am sorry sir – I mean Mr. Big. It’s just that I have never seen you in here without a clipboard before. You’re not here to observe me then?

Mr. Big: No. Not at all Polly… I mean Miss Filler

Miss Filler: Not that I mind being observed, of course, Mr. Big (running her hand through her hair). In fact, you can observe me over dinner this weekend if you like! (Whoops and whistles from the class)

Mrs. Filler: (wagging her finger angrily). Settle down 5F. I don’t want Mr. Big to think that you’re a raucous rabble of reprobates.

Jonny: I don’t know what any of those words mean?

Rebekah: You don’t want to – none of them are nice.

Mr. Big: I think nothing of the sort Miss  Filler.  I know what a tight ship you sail here although I was most disappointed to hear of the behaviour of Cedric Collins. Most upsetting. I sent him home to reflect on his actions.

Miss Filler: I can only apologise for him, Mr. Big. Have you come down here to tell me about Cedric?

Mr. Big: Partly, but the real reason I am here is to see how the children have taken to the news about the Easter Extravaganza (turning to the pupils). Children – No doubt you are as excited as I am about this great event.

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