Who uses these plays?

Schools, church groups and clubs across the world are using them.

What is included in the Purchase Price?

You will receive a download comprising of : Photocopiable script, audio tracks (with and without vocals,  lyrics and a  basic score for guitar/piano. No charge is normally made for sheet music, which is electronically generated and only intended as a rough guide. A performance licence for schools and clubs is also included in the purchase price.

What is the quality of the recordings?

The quality can be judged by listening to the music samples on the website. You can expect good clear stereo reproduction. The recordings are made in a small studio or on-site in schools. You should not expect fabulous multi-million pound recordings.

What Musical Ability Do I Need?

None at all. Children can sing along to the instrumental tracks. You can use a traditional approach with piano etc. but most schools opt to perform them karaoke-style (or a mixture of both approaches)

Do I need a Performance Licence?

Yes. It comes free with your play. You can perform these plays in a non-profitable organisation such as a school or drama club. You get a free licence for up to 3 performances at one venue. It can be renewed easily and cheaply so you can perform the same show again at a future time.

Do you provide orchestral parts?

No, but you are free to experiment with your own arrangements.

Are the Plays Easy to Perform?

The scripts are very child-friendly. They are “held together” with narrations which reduce the need for prompting. The songs are very simple and deliberately repetitive and easy to learn. They are not always suitable for schools with an accomplished musical background, unless you want a quick, snappy, easy-to-stage production which you can adapt if necessary.

Can we alter the scripts and lyrics?

Yes, but we retain the copyright.

What Equipment Do We Need?

A microphone and PA system is desirable for a performance. You will probably use a laptop, tablet or phone to play the audio on. The audio format is mp3

How long are the plays?

About 45-60 minutes. Some shorter “assembly” plays are also available.

How Much Rehearsal Time is Needed?

About 6 to 8 one hour rehearsals are normally quite sufficient.

We have been disappointed with so many other scripts and songs. Can we read the scripts and hear the songs before we buy?

Yes. Script samples and music excerpts are provided on the website.

RETURNS POLICY : Downloads are not returnable items. But if you have ordered in error we can often substitute or swap an item to suit your needs, at very low cost or in some cases free.

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