Autumn/Christmas Plays

Christmas Plays

Prices include a FREE performance licence

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£40.00 Ages 5-13 60 Mins

Scintillating comedy..

A worthy best seller.

Dick Whittington

£40.00 Ages 7-11

55-60 Min

Great Production!

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours

Our own unique version of Joseph. Incredibly popular.

£40.00 Ages 7-13 55 min


Beauty and the Beast

£40.00 Ages 5-11 60 Mins

Exciting large cast primary school musical

Uncle Crumble’s Mad Machine

£40.00 50 min Ages 6-13

Crazy time machine adventure. Best seller.

Welcome to the Story

of Christmas

£30.00 45 min Ages 6-13

New for 2018. A traditional style nativity with 15 fabulous songs Recommended.

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The Magic Christmas Toyshop

£40.00 45 min ages 5-11

Magical Christmas Musical

The Pied Piper

£40.00 45 min Ages 6-13

The classic story with a happy ending. Brilliant.

Jack and the Beanstalk

£30.00 Ages 5-9 yrs, 45 Mins.

Lovely show, easy and quick.

Popular pantomime style comedy

A Brand New Star

£40.00 45 min

Beautiful easy Nativity.

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red,riding hood,wolg,granny,fairytale,pantomime,plays for key stage 1,drama script,easy plays,musical play for school
noah,ark,rain,weather,flood,ham,shem,animals,zoo,noah's ark,christian,old testament

Zak & the Sausages

£40.00 Ages 7-13 55 min

Hilarious mayhem with

Zak the Magic Cat

The Greatest Gift

£40.00 45 min

Gorgeous simple Nativity with lovely original songs

Snow White

£40.00 Ages 5-13

45-50 min A classic and wonderful easy musical

Noah & the Rainbow Boat

£40.00 Ages 5-11 55 min

Great musical for schools. Recommended.

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When a Bad Plan Goes Wrong

KS2 £22.45

Mystery Play based on

“Sleeping Beauty”

And Heaven and Nature Sing!

£40.00 45 Mins Celebration of Christmas.

Nathan’s Nightmare

£40.00 Ages 7-13

45 Mins rock adventure


£40.00 55 min Age 5-11

A firm favourite for any time of year.


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Sleeping Beauty

£40.00 Ages 7-13 Great large cast musical

Treasure Island

£22.45 Ages 7-13 45 min

Set sail on a large cast extravaganza!

Wild West Hero

£22.45 45 min Age 6-13

based on “The Good Samaritan” featuring Wild West characters.

Red Riding Hood in Fairyland

£30.00 40 min

Beautiful easy play for KS1. Highly recommended

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A Marvellously Modern Miracle

£40.00 Ages 9-13 50 Mins. Refreshing modern Christmas Musical

Flight of the Robins

£40.00 Ages 5-11 45 Mins Delightful Gentle Christmas Play

Food for Thought

£22.45 Age 4-8

Collection of short musicals about food.

A Lamb and a Surprise

£40.00 Ages 4-9 45 Mins. Lovely Christmas musical for a younger cast

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A New King is Born

£40.00 Ages 4-13 50 Mins.

Great Christmas Nativity

The Happy Prince

£40.00 Ages 7-13 45 Mins

Ideal for a beautiful memorable show

Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge

£40.00 Ages 7-13 55 Mins

Look no further. This is the one

Tanya the Tooth Fairy

£40.00 45 min ages 5-11

Magical comedy. Great characters

Don’t Bring Me Down

£22.45 Ages 5-9

45 Mins

Brilliant Nativity with a hint of Cinderella

Three Billy Goats Gruff

£9.95 20 min Ages 4-9

Beautiful short musical, nice songs, easy script

Hansel and Gretel £40.00 ages 5-11

Magical comedy 50 min

I’m Tired and I Want to Go to Bed!

£22.45 45 min ages 5-11

The Grumpy Innkeeper

Nativity Play. Fabulous.

The Book Parade

£7.95 Ages 5-9 15 min

A fantastic musical

play to promote reading.

Prices include a FREE

performance licence

The Trouble With Goldilocks

£22.45 Ages 5-9 25 Mins

Goldilocks needs her forest friends to help her get home.


£22.45 Ages 5-13 45 Mins

A sci-fi version of the Nativity. Inspiring!

The Little Red Hen

£7.50 15 min

Beautiful easy assembly for KS1.

No-One Quite Like Me

£40.00 45 min Ages 6-13

Based on the Ugly Duckling.

Heartwarming and great fun.

The Sky is Falling In (Chicken Licken)

£12.95 15 min

Aesop: Plays, Songs and Stories

£22.45 10-15 min each Age 5-9 Nice collection of drama resources for literacy, “Ancient Greece” and assemblies

No-One Quite Like Grandma

£22.45 Ages 5-13 45 Mins

Brilliant Christmas Show with optional songs


£40.00 Ages 7-13 55 Mins

Creative musical epic for primary schools,


£30.00 30 min Age 5-11


Midas the King

£12.95 20 min ages 7-12

Short Musical King Midas and his golden touch

The Lion and the Mouse

£12.95 20 min

Acting Up!


Ten drama pieces


A Not-So-English Breakfast

£12.95 20 min Age 7-11

Our most popular class assembly about food.

Lets Relax:

Only £7.50.

Fifteen musical meditations for children to learn how to relax.

Prices include a FREE performance licence

Trouble in the Wood

£22.45 Ages 5-11 30 min

Save the trees and clean the planet.

Daniel in the Lions Den

£22.45 25 min


Florence Nightingale

£22.45 Ages 7-13

Poignant and very inspiring short musical

21 Easy Carols £7.50

Lots of Christmas songs for your school production or just because it’s Christmas!

Vocal tracks, backing tracks, lyrics and score.

The Happy Prince

£40.00 15 min KS2

The poignant Oscar Wilde tale set to music. Very nice play (Christian theme)

18 Original Songs for Christmas Only £7.50

Our favourite originals to enhance your school’s Christmas play.

Vocal tracks, backing tracks, lyrics and score.

In a Garden in China

£30.00 Ages 7-13

25 mins. A brilliant musical of the “Willow Pattern Plate” story

Stone Soup

£7.50 15 min Ages 6-11

A story of ingenuity and sharing. Very popular.

Chinese New Year

£12.95 25 min Age 5-11

Very nice colourful short musical. Great for any time of year. .


The Towering Turnip

£12.95 Ages 5-9 25 min

A charming musical about

the “Enormous Turnip”


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