There’s No-one Quite Like Me! (Ugly Duckling)


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Song Previews: Oh,Come and Look!
Don't Believe It
Keep Smiling
A Traveller's Song
There's No-One Quite Like ME
How Does it Feel to Be Bullied?

ugly duckling,self esteem,SEAL,self awareness
The Ugly Duckling- A musical for ages 7-12 to raise awareness of bullying.

ugly duckling,self esteem,SEAL,self awareness This heart-warming version of “The Ugly Duckling” is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic dark tale. Andersen himself was no stranger to hardship and non-acceptance, which is a theme that could be explored in its own right in school.

Mother Duck’s last egg hatches into an ugly, ungainly creature, and he is ridiculed and bullied in the barnyard. He runs away to the marshes and is befriended by the wild ducks, but he loses track of them during the hunting season. A travelling gypsy shows kindness to him, and he is then taken in by a farmer and his family. The farmer’s cat, dog and hen become jealous and bully him so he runs away again. At last he matures into a beautiful swan, finds his self-esteem and flies to freedom. Fantastic. It is a nice simple show with great characters. The songs are thought-provoking and are easy to learn. No musical ability is needed- just sing and dance to the backing tracks. This package is brilliant for class lessons too. You receive an editable script, PowerPoint Presentation, Piano Score, follow-up work and 20 worksheets.

YoU also get these Audio Tracks:

1) Come and Look! (The barnyard animals mock the ugly duckling)
2) Don’t Believe it When They Tell You You’re Not Beautiful! (Beauty isn’t always physical!)
3) Sad Music (The ugly duckling leaves home)
4 and 5) Gunshots (Sound Effects)
6) Keep Smiling (Cheerful song- it’s great to be alive!)
7) Traveller’s Song (Sung by the roaming gypsy)
8) Swan dance (Dreamy instrumental)
9) How Does it Feel to be Bullied? (Bouncy Song to give advice about bullying)
10) Bedbug Blues (Popular Action Song- “it’s a brand new day out there!”)
11) Wonderful! (At last-the ugly duckling has found his self-esteem!)
12) No-one Quite Like Me! (Celebrate! Everyone in the room is valuable and unique!)
13) You’re So Handsome! (The ugly duckling flies to freedom)
Tracks 14-26 are instrumental backing tracks of the above, to sing along to.

(THE UGLY DUCKLING) 55 mins  ages 7-12

The “Ugly Duckling” is an innovative drama project for primary and middle schools, brimming with positivity and emotion. Fantastic fun  to act, sing and dance,  it explores bullying and self esteem. Fabulous SEAL resource (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning). The Ugly Duckling musical show is recommended  for primary and middle schools everywhere.

This downloadable resource consists of an editable script, 13 songs (with and without vocals), score, worksheets and Powerpoint presentation. The price includes school performance licences for 3 shows to any audience.

MORE DETAILS and script samples

The Ugly Duckling- POWERPOINT




ugly duckling,self esteem,anderson,seal,bullying

There's No-One QUITE like ME! (The Ugly Duckling)

"The Ugly Duckling" is a remarkable project for primary schools to enhance their PSHE curriculum. It forms  class work culminating in a memorable end-of-term show or special extended assembly for ages 5 –11 (Some parts can be narrated by the teacher when used solely with younger pupils.)

Fantastic fun to act, sing and dance, but the "Ugly Duckling" also explores serious PSHE issues, especially bullying, homelessness and low self esteem.

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See the Power Slides:  The Ugly Duckling Powerpoint

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