Lets Relax- Guided Meditations for Children (for circle time etc)


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Let Go....
A small object
Positive Thoughts
A warm beach
A colour walk

Download Fifteen musical visualisations/ meditations which are intended to develop the ability to relax. Perfect for circle time or as a calm starter or end to any lesson.

Originally prepared for children aged 7-13, but has also proven popular with older age groups and people with special needs

Introduction    If current research is correct, today’s children are growing up without learning how to relax. They are not having enough opportunities to develop their own creativity.  They are not always directly encouraged to develop their imagination, concentration, peace of mind and self-awareness.

Children respond well to positive comments. These recordings make good use of positive affirmations which enhance children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  Children thrive in positive atmospheres where they feel valued. Benefits of feeling valued include increased patience, better concentration, enhanced listening skills, improved communication skills, and a sense of belonging. Affirmations help children to develop self-belief and promote caring behaviour and good citizenship. These meditations and vizualisations are gentle, enjoyable escapist fun in their own right. But more importantly, they are intended to help young people to explore their inner consciousness, to lower stress, to develop a feeling of calm security and expand their self-confidence, creativity, and self-esteem.

Lets relax – MORE DETAILS and preview some of the scripts

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